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About Us

Designated as a mountain warfare unit, this mil-sim unit specializes in combat for Alpine-like conditions. Dedicated to quality and teamwork, we hope prospective members will be interested in our direct-action activities across a variety of missions.


10th Mountain Division is a unit that was created by a member base that has been doing ArmA 3 mil-sim for upwards of 5 years. We've decided to establish ourselves as a unit in order to find other like minded people to become members of our active and tight-knit community. We're modeled off the United States Army 22nd Infantry Regiment and will be conducting operations that are comparable to our real-life counterpart. As a semi-fictional unit, we'll have the flexibility to participate in operations that are on going in the real-world, explore "what-if" scenarios, or create our own.

If this sounds like something you're interested in and want to become a part of, submit an application and PLEASE JOIN either our Discord or TeamSpeak servers to find more information and to meet our members.

Climb to Glory!